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Welcome to VOLTRX UEP (Ultimate Experience Program)

VOLTRX UEP is a program we set up to become the best fitness brand in the world. In order to provide the best products and services to our customers, we need to hear from them.

How can I help VOLTRX become the best fitness brand?
Apply to be our product experience officer, participate in our product development design and experience, tell us how you feel about using the product and give us suggestions and comments for improvement.

What benefits will I get?
If your product design proposal or service quality improvement suggestion is accepted by us, you will get our latest product for free and enjoy 20% discount on any VOLTRX product for life.
If you would like to spread the word about VOLTRX in your social media or if you would like to be a VOLTRX model, you will also receive a commission.

Let us know about you.

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